UE Powered the Service Station for Protecting the Source of the Yangtze

On May 26, 2020, a 30kW off-grid photovoltaic installation with a storage system constructed by Universal Energy(UE) 's EPC Company UNIBLU has been put into operation. The project is located in the Tanggula Mountain Town, the hinterland of the Tibetan Plateau lying at an altitude of 4540 meters and was sponsored by Tongwei Group. After completion, the project will power the service station along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, solving the major operation obstacle of the station while protecting the source of the Yangtze.


As the project is UE's first photovoltaic installation with a storage system in plateau area, the project was executed with highest standards and in rigorous manner. After the project team conducting engineering optimization and equipment procurement in April, the construction work was immediately launched on May 8th.


The lack of oxygen in plateau area, strong ultraviolet radiation as well as unpredictable climate changes had brought multiple challenges to the construction. The air oxygen content is only 60%-70% easily resulted in frequent fatigue of workers, and the harden soil at the project site made the trenching even hard. To overcome these difficulties, the project team adjusted the working schedule tailored for the situation in time and reached out for support from volunteers at the station, eventually completing the construction within 23 days.


Taking the advantage of great solar radiation in plateau area, the photovoltaic installation will provide more than 10 hours of electricity for the station each day, ensuring its normal operation. Through this experience, UNIBLU has accumulated experience of photovoltaic installations in plateau area, laying a foundation for its long-term development in the clean energy industry.


The service station is the second station along the tuotuo river in the source region of the Yangtze founded by Sichuan Greenriver Environmental Protection Promotion Association, and is operated by volunteers who will provide visitors with "various cute souvenirs as rewards" for recycling and proper waste disposal to cut down on the trash and other waste that tourists leave behind on their journeys.