Successful Transport of the First Batch of Wind Turbines during COVID-19 Outbreak

In April 2020, Universal Energy, Envision and China Power Zhongdian Huayun made joint efforts to deliver the first batch of wind turbines for the Ybyrai 50MW wind power project from 4 different provinces in China to the Khorgos gate on the Sino-Kazakh border, showing the determination and confidence of Chinese enterprises to carry out overseas projects during this special period.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the China-Kazakhstan gate was once closed along with canceled flights and blocked roads, which caused negative impact on the project including equipment procurement, transportation, and travelloing of project staffs. In order to minimize the impact, UE built up in-depth cooperation with Envision and Zhongdian Huayun to ensure successful manufacture, delivery, and transport of the first batch of wind turbines. 


This is the first time for UE to realize long-distance cross-border road transportation of equipment. The transport is challenging as the nacelle weighs 86 tons and the blades are 70 meters long for each. The project team and procurement department conducted geological survey work in advance and kept close eyes on epidemic situation in Kazakhstan, to ensure the journey safe and smooth.


The project team of Ybrai 50MW WPP has been well prepared for the arrival of the wind turbines. The installation work is expected to commence in July and the grid-connection of the project is aimed to be achieved by the end of this year.