UE Together with Global Hoisting Giant Completed the Hoisting of the First Wind Turbine This Year

On August 28th, UE’s Ybyrai 50MW wind power project had an exciting moment on site. With the docking of the entire wind turbine and the nacelle, the project’s first wind turbine (#7) was successfully hoisted. It took 8 days to complete the hoisting of the whole turbine. In the following days, the project team will continue to work closely with the global lifting giant Sarens team to fully carry out the wind turbine lifting work.

This moment is hard-won. Since the epidemic in Kazakhstan has heated up, the project team has tried every means to overcome the adverse effects of the epidemic. In the case of personnel unable to arrive in time and limited logistics, the Chinese and Kazakhstan project personnel worked together to manage and coordinate remotely. The team strictly implemented epidemic prevention management measures while rushing to schedule and grasp the progress. Based on the basic principle of "reducing face-to-face contact and keeping social distancing", indoor meetings are prohibited to ensure the safety of all the staff.

At present, the foundation work of the turbine has been completed, while the turbine equipment has arrived on site. And the construction of substation, transmission lines and hoisting work are proceeding in an orderly manner. The project aims to open by the end of 2020.