Universal Energy (UE)

An international company focuses on the renewable energy industry and specializes in investing, constructing and operating wind power and solar power projects across the world. UE has subsidiaries including an international EPC company and an electrical design institute with more than 200 professional engineers.

Since established in 2015, UE has followed closely the China’s “Belt and Road” initiative. By adhering to the business philosophy of “global layout, stable operation, win-win cooperation, and benefit sharing”, UE deep dived in the market in Central Asia and ASEAN and has successively deep dived the market in Mainland of China, Kazakhstan, Albania, Serbia, bangladesh, Pakistan and Western Africa countries. So far, the built and generation capacity has exceeded 990MW, and the planned grid-connected capacity will reach 2GW in three years.

The company implements with international standards of management and has been certified with ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 45001 occupational health and safety system certification. Meanwhile, the company took the lead in launching the ISO 37001 commercial anti-bribery management system, securing benefits of all stakeholders and maintaining a healthy market competition.

As an enterprise respecting corporate social responsibility, Universal Energy has always fulfilled its social responsibilities. The company has initiates activities such as helping the elderly financially, setting up scholarships for poor students and making donation for poverty alleviation to contribute to social welfare.


Upholding the concept of sharing both interests and risks, we work to establish and maintain friendly, win-win and long-term relationships with like-minded organizations in the green energy industry to jointly promote and create value for the environmental protection efforts.

We have been committed to maintaining healthy government relationships, desirable media contact, and friendly community connections.


We are devoted to be a responsible global corporate citizen. Through the construction and operation of energy projects, we are able to provide safe and stable power services around the world for enhanced local economic development and employment.

Based on our strength in the application of green energy technologies, we aim to effectively save energies and reduce emissions, promote environmental protection and sustainable development.


We make every effort to become a world-leading distinguished employer that prioritizes on benefiting our people. 

As our projects are located at different places around the world featuring various cultures, races and religions, we have established a corporate culture that emphasizes diversification, inclusiveness, kindness and sharing to ensure that every one of our employees from different backgrounds will enjoy the harmony of our big family.


We are committed to becoming a world-class investor, developer and operator in the green-energy industry and help promote the sustainable and healthy development of the mankind and our planet.

Determined to lead the global trend in the development of green energy technologies, we strive to build a technology-enabled company with the world's best professionals, and relentlessly improve ourselves to invariably maintain our technological advantages.

Management Team
Yi Nan
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Graduated from Oxford University, Mr. Nan founded Universal Energy in November 2015 and served as the chairman and CEO of the company. He is currently a member of the Yangtze River Delta Entrepreneur Alliance Council, a member of the first council of the Shanghai Fifty Young People Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute, the vice-president of China Business Times, etc. Mr. Nan was honored the G60 High-Tech Corridor Entrepreneurial Young Talents in the Yangtze River Delta, 2021 G60 High-Tech Corridor Entrepreneurial Young Innovation Pioneer Award in the Yangtze River Delta, "The Most Beautiful United Front Man" in Songjiang District, Shanghai and "Glorious Star" in Songjiang District Federation of Industry and Commerce, etc.
Yin Zhang
Executive Vice President
Peking University
University of Illinois
Min Gao
Vice President
Financial Department
Tsinghua University
Haoren Nan
Vice President
Securities Department
Strategy Investment Department
Chicago University
Guangdi Xue
Vice President
Legal Department
Distributed Solar Business Department
Peng Zhao
Chief Engineer
Engineering Department, Technical Department
Northeast Electric Power University
Company Advantages

Cost Control Goes Through an Entire Process to Minimize the Cost of Electricity

Flexible Mechanism for Highly Efficient Access to Resources

Reliable Financial Support with Advantageous Financing

A Professional Team Leading the Industry Trend

Robust Operation and Complete Risk Control System

Company Advantages

Cost Control Goes Through an Entire Process to Minimize the Cost of Electricity

The company gives full play to the cost control advantages of its EPC subsidiaries and the R&D advantages of the design institute, and controls the core process in the EPC to realize advantages of high decision-making efficiency, low construction costs, high power generation efficiency, low operating costs, high construction speed and low financing costs.

Flexible Mechanism for Highly Efficient Access to Resources

High-quality sunlight and wind resources are crucial for new energy projects. We take full advantage of flexible cooperation methods and efficient decision-making mechanisms to provide access to more high-quality project resources.

Reliable Financial Support with Advantageous Financing

We successfully broke through the financing bottleneck in the start-up period, and successively obtained loan support from financial institutions such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK), the Agricultural Development Bank of China, and the Industrial Bank. We also actively cooperated with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and many large commercial banks in China to reduce the financing risk of banks by increasing capital proportions.

A Professional Team Leading the Industry Trend

We have always adhered to a human-centric business philosophy and assembled a highly qualified team. The average age of the team is 32 years old, with 81% possessing a bachelor's degree or higher. The backbone team members have graduated from prestigious universities at home and abroad, such as Oxford University, Chicago University, Tsinghua University and Peking University. The engineering teams have obtained more than 6 years' experience in new energy power plant, and have undertaken more than 120 large-scale new energy projects at home and abroad.

Robust Operation and Complete Risk Control System

We hedge the risk of exchange rate fluctuations through local currency financing, and avoid overseas investment risks through CITIC Insurance. We have obtained certifications including ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety system. We led the industry in passing the ISO37001 anti-bribery management system certification to ensure business operation in compliance with regulations, risk prevention, and corporate stability.

  • Grade-III Qualification in General Contracting of Power Engineering Construction
  • Level 3 of EPC for Machinery and Electrical Installation Engineering
  • Level 3 of EPC for Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Grade B Profession of Engineering for Power Industry (including Renewable Energy Stations, Power Transmission, Wind Power Plants, and Substations)
  • Level 4 Installation, Level 4 Repair, and Level 4 Test Qualification
  • High-tech Enterprise in Sichuan Province
  • GB/T50430 Code for Quality Management of Engineering Construction Enterprises
  • ISO 9001, GB/T19001 Quality Management System Certification
  • ISO 14001, GB/T24001 Environmental Management System Certification
  • ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety System Certification
  • ISO-37001 Anti-Bribery Management System Certification
Development Path
2021 More

02.08-Universal Energy, as the only representative of private enterprises, participated in the "2021 Year of the Ox New Year Cloud Gala" organized by the Shanghai People’s Government

05.15-On the opening day of the 2nd Shanghai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Youth Forum, Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee met with Nan Yi and other young representatives

05.18-Universal Energy signed the Investment Framework Agreement of Shuangliao Wind Power Integrated Energy Storage Project

May 30-Nan Yi attended the 4th National Young Entrepreneurs Summit and was elected as a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

June 25-Universal Energy Held the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

July 10- Universal Energy and Aihui District Government of Heihe City signed a strategic cooperation agreement in respect of the comprehensive energy project including wind, solar and energy storage

July 11-R&D Headquarters of WELTON Energy Storage Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was officially settled in Songjiang

2020 More

4.23 – Universal Energy, together with other Chinese enterprises, transported the first batch of wind turbine equipment under the epidemic situation to Kazakhstan by road

6.5 – The Yangtze River Delta Entrepreneurs Alliance was established. Nan Yi attended the meeting and became the first group of directors of the alliance

6.26 – The Kaskelen 50MWp photovoltaic power station in Kazakhstan was connected to the grid, becoming the first local photovoltaic power project that connected to the grid during the epidemic

11.16 – Uniblu has obtained the Fourth-level Installation, the Fourth-level Repair, and the Fourth-level Test Qualification

11.27 – During the 17th China-ASEAN Expo, Universal Energy signed the Binyang 200MW wind power project investment agreement that marking Guangxi as a base for Universal Energy to further push the development of the new energy industry

2019 More

01.02 – Uniblu acquired a Class-B qualification design institute and named it as Sichuan Huantai Power Engineering Design Co., Ltd. At present, this design institute has been recognized as a High-tech Enterprise in Sichuan Province.

03.06 – UE obtained the first overseas financing from Kazakhstan Development Bank Financial Leasing Company, and became one of the first Chinese energy investors to obtain policy financing from the financial institution; in June of the same year, Universal Energy received another financing support without recourse from the Development Bank of Kazakhstan.

04.20 – Uniblu and Universal Energy design company passed four major management certifications including ISO 9001, GB/T50430, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

May – UE’s first domestic WPP, 50MW WPP in Baixiang connected to the grid and put into operation.

08.16 – Universal Energy’s 30 MWp solar power plant in Zhangiztobe connected to the grid and put into operation. It is the first power plant of Universal Energy in Kazakhstan.

09.03 – At the Opening Ceremony of Kapshagay 100MWp solar power plant, our company donated 250 million Tenge (about 4.5 million RMB) to Kapshagay government for local public welfare.

11.25 – Universal Energy Branch of Communist Party of China was established.

12.16 – Nan Yi was invited to attend 2019 diplomats and private entrepreneurs exchange activities in the Yangtze River Delta and delivered a speech.

2018 More

1st, Jan -  Incorporation of Shangahi UNIBLU Engineering & Contracting Co., Ltd

June - UE invested another 4 renewable energy projects through national auction and acquisition, and became the largest investors in green energy industry in Kazakhstan

12.15 - Lingshou 35MW Solar Power Project opened and started operation, powering 1168 households in the community

2017 More

06.08 - UE’s critical presence in Future Energy World Expo and Chairman Nan, Yi signed the letter of intent for UE’s first invested project in Kazakhstan, witnessed by current Kazakhstan Prime Minister Mamin, which marked UE’s first launch in Kazakstan

08.31 - Kazakhstan’s 100 MWp solar power plant project had been included in the Main List of China-Kazakhstan Industrial and Investment Projects. (Currently, the 6 projects of Universal Energy in Kazakhstan have all been included in the list, accounting for 10% of the list’s total)

11.28 - Incorporation of subsidiary in Henan

2016 More

11.17 - Establishment of Universal Energy Zhejiang, marking the business launch of investment and construction in commercial solar power plants.

2015 More

11.5 - Incorporation of Universal Energy in Shanghai

11.29 - Incorporation of Enverse Kuakuat LLP

12.11 -  Incorporation of Enerverse International Holdings Limited