Operation & Maintenance

Business Introduction

As a professional power plant management operator, the company has a professional operation and maintenance team with excellent technology and strong strength.  The company is committed to providing a full range of services such as safe generation management, intelligent operation custody, power plant testing and high-voltage preventive test with the goal of maintaining and increasing the value of power plant assets.

Management Mode

The hierarchical management mode is adopted in terms of operation management: Headquarters-regions-power plants will decompose and implement production task objectives, information and requirements layer by layer in order to achieve unified command and deployment of resources as well as the specific execution and implementation of projects.

Regional operation and maintenance management team responsible for the management of power plants in the region
Formulate operation and maintenance standards, and guide the work of the regional and power plant remotely
Power Plant
power plant operation and maintenance team responsible for implementing the standard operation and maintenance manual and performing differentiated management according to the characteristics of the power plant
Service scope
Patrol power plant inspection
Power plant testing
Hand-over acceptance
Smart operation