New Record, 10 Wind Turbine Foundation Constructed in one month

In September, UE’s Abay 100+50MW project team has create a new construction record, they have successfully finished ten wind turbine foundation in the past one month, which is one 2000 tons wind turbine foundation every three days.

The project site is 50km away from the nearest town, and it lacks materials such as steel bars, cement, and other raw materials. The local temperature can varied from 16℃ to -8 ℃. Under such conditions, the project team needs to coordinate the logistic of raw materials, the operation of the concrete mixing station, and the construction of the foundation, which poses a huge challenge to the technical and management capabilities of the project team. Under the management of the project leader Shiyang Chen, the project team and the Kazakhstan construction team worked together, stick to the key positions throughout the night, successfully ensured the construction efficiency and quality, and created this new record of constructing 10 wind turbines a month. It has revealed the dedication of all the company's employees in developing renewable energy.