The Ybyrai 50MW WPP was successfully put into commercial operation

On the vast plain of Kostanay, Kazakhstan, wind turbines are slowly turning, delivering clean, pollution-free green electricity. This is the project site of Universal Energy's Ybyrai 50MW wind power plant. The project was successfully put into commercial operation on August 17, becoming the first large-scale renewable energy project put into operation in the state in 2021. It is also a successful sign of China-Kazakhstan Industry Cooperation.

Ybyrai Wind Power Project is located in Kostanay City, Kostanay State, Kazakhstan. It is the only wind power project in the region. The project officially start construction in September 2019, installing 16 Envision Energy 3.2MW wind turbines with a total capacity of 50MW. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the “co-development” model that “100% Made in China, 100% Construction in Kazakhstan” adopted by Universal Energy has become a key for quick resuming of work and production. Universal Energy has closely worked with Envision Energy and China Power Transportation to overcome the difficulties brought by the epidemic of COVD-19. 16 huge wind turbine equipment has successfully transported from China to the Kazakhstan project site by road. At the same time, the project team has travelled to Kazakhstan to help with the resuming of work and production.

The winter in the Kostanay area is severely cold, the lowest temperature can reach below -20 degrees Celsius. The construction period for each year is only 5 months. In order to make full use of this period, at the beginning of the outbreak, the Chinese and Kazakhstan teams communicated remotely to carry out on-site work; After the full resumption of work, the project's epidemic prevention team made every effort to ensure the health and safety of every colleague, and guarantee a zero infection on site. The successful development of this project has gained valuable experience for the implementation of overseas projects in the post-epidemic era.